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How do I return an item?

Due to the potential of malicious intent, certain items are non-returnable such as ( but not limited to ) ammunition, new firearms ( may contain exceptions ) smokeless powder of any type, primers. All items in this range will have manufactures warranty & quality control in place.

If you were shipped the wrong item or an incorrect amount, that is our problem to take care of.

Used firearms will have a 3 day " no fire or disassemble " inspection period from the date your receiving FFL receives your item.

All other items will have a 30 day ~90% ( item cost minus 10% restocking fee ) minus shipping charges for an in store credit. These items must be in original packaging seals intact, unmounted & unused in any way whatsoever. If the returned item was part of a bulk purchase a percentage of the shipping cost will be factored [ item cost $100 of a $500 total order ( 100/500=%20 ) shipping cost $30*.2=$6].

Any stop orders after an item ships is an additonal $12

If you have any questions about what you are in need of please call or e-mail first. It is much cheaper for both of us to get it right the first time.

If an item is to be returned contact us first so we know what it is & why