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SIERRA .45 Caliber (.4515) 300 gr. JSP # 8830
SIERRA .45 Caliber (.4515) 300 gr. JSP # 8830

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SIERRA .45 Caliber (.4515) 300 gr. JSP

Despite its "soft point" title, this 300 grain #8830 Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) SportsMaster is the single hardest bullet Sierra has produced. Utilizing a 6% antimony, 4% tin, 90% lead alloy core, this 300 grain JSP will expand only on the toughest game when driven at absolutely top-end velocities. Intended primarily for the strongest 45 Colt revolvers (Freedom Arms, Dan Wesson, and Ruger revolvers), the single-shot T/C Contenders and the 454 Casull revolvers, this bullet is an excellent selection for the heaviest game on any handgunner's agenda. Because of its length and solid construction, this bullet cannot be used in Colt Single Action Army revolvers or their modern reproductions. This bullet was introduced by Sierra in 1994. 50 box.

Dia. (inches)Weight (grains)Sectional DensityBallistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.4515300.210 .192 @ 1400 fps and above
.121 between 1400 and 1200 fps
.240 between 1200 and 900 fps
.165 @ 900 fps and below

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